Health centers deliver affordable, accessible, quality and cost-effective primary health care to patients regardless of their ability to pay.  Health centers have become an essential primary care provider for Alaska'a vulnerable populations.  Health centers practice a model of coordinated, comprehensive, and patient-centered care.  Alaska Primary Care Association supports 27 Community Health Centers that currently provide medical, dental, behavioral health, substance use disorder, and vision care to over 113,000 patients.


Health centers focus on integrating care for their patients across the full range of services - but also deliver crucial services such as case management, transportation, and health education, which enable vulnerable populations to access care.  Alaska's Community Health Centers strive for increasing access to care, improving health outcomes, and reducing health care costs.


The Alaska Primary Care Association strives to empower our Community Health Centers with training events offered throughout the year.   


2018 APCA Upcoming Trainings and Learning Opportunities


Event Title




September 19 - 21, 2018


 APCA 2018 Fall Assisters Summit



Dimond Center Hotel



October 8 - 10, 2018 


APCA 2018 Introduction to PCMH and Advanced PCMH


Dimond Center Hotel









Clinical Services Coordinator

This position is responsible for providing clinical program development and support services, and technical assistance and training to clinicians, clinic administrators, staff, and boards working for CHC's and safety net provider clinics......(click here for more information)

Apprentice Program Support Specialist

This position provides administrative support to the Apprenticeship Training Coordinator in the areas of apprenticeship counseling, consultative and mentoring services for the Apprenticeship Program......(click here for more information)