Online Communities 

The APCA provides members with the ability to connect with and learn from each other through peer networks that link organizations and individuals across the state. Online peer networking offers an especially valuable opportunity in Alaska, where many CHCs are located in rural or remote areas of the state, often lacking access to regular in-person networking opportunities.

What is Memberclicks?

APCA uses an online platform known as Memberclicks which functions as the foundation of our website, events calendar, document repository, and maintains the access to the organization's list servs. Our online communities are reached through the listserv access via a central emailing system where they allow our members to communicate with each other as a form of online peer networking and to receive announcements posted by administrators. 

Please contact Cassandra Buckridge at [email protected] for a complete list of what APCA offers through Memberclicks.

What is GroupSpaces?

Similar to Memberclicks, GroupSpaces is our older platform that serves as another access point for our listserv. APCA still currently manages four listservs on GroupSpaces for our online communities:

    APCA NextGen Users
    APCA Centricity Users
    APCA PCMH Peer Support 
    APCA CHC Finance 
All groups managed by the APCA are private and require approval from APCA’s administrators to gain access. Alaska Primary Care Association also monitors all content to ensure appropriateness as well as ensuring the information is received by the members of that group. 

If you would like more information, are interested in joining any of these groups, or are currently having issues with access/receiving emails, please contact Cassandra Buckridge at [email protected].