Alexa Lawson
Health Education Coordinator, SC AHEC Sector

Originally from Montana, a variety of work and life experiences eventually brought Alex to Alaska in 2016. Alex’s passion is to cultivate partnerships to discover and utilize existing resources for transformation within marginalized communities. With an adventurous spirit and avid love of the outdoors, Alex is occupied with hiking, biking, skiing and camping. You may also find her exercising culinary creativity in the kitchen or planning her next international exploration.



Cortney Senkler 

In June of 2016, Cortney completed a degree in Business Administration- Professional Accounting. In August, she relocated to Alaska. She joined APCA in October and is excited for the opportunity to begin her professional career here.  Outside of work, she loves to get outdoors, spend time with friends and family, and travel, especially to tropical places!




Emily Berman
Health Education Coordinator, SC AHEC

Emily served for a year as an AmeriCorps national service volunteer to pursue her passion for social justice. Her interdisciplinary interests in the biological sciences, education, and social work have all prepared her for a career in behavioral or public health. She is thrilled to lead a program that makes health careers more accessible for underserved Alaskan youth in her role as a Health Education Coordinator. In her free time, she is happiest outdoors and with a good book or guitar.




Genevieve Mina
Communications Specialist

Genevieve is a lifelong Anchorage resident with a background in Alaska politics, community outreach, and health policy analysis. She recently graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with a BA in Political Science and Biological Sciences and a minor in Communications; she is also a Seawolf Debate alumna. Raised in an immigrant family of nurses, she is passionate about APCA’s mission to ensure health care access for all Alaskans. Outside of obsessively following health policy and #akleg on Twitter, she enjoys thrifting, amateur birding, and empowering underrepresented voices in local government.



Jessie Menkens
Safety Net Initiatives Program Manager

Jessie has worked in Alaska’s nonprofit sector throughout her career, with concentration in philanthropy and community building. She worked at Thread, Alaska’s early care and education referral network and the Alaska Community Foundation before joining the Alaska Primary Care Association in 2014. Jessie oversees Alaskans Together for Medicaid, a new nonpartisan initiative addressing Medicaid policy at the state and national level. 



Jon Zasada
Policy Integration Director

Jon came to APCA in 2016 with 25 years of experience in community health center and social services administrative and advocacy. Highlights include the development of a statewide system of community centers and the new Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center.  He is dedicated to supporting APCA members in understanding and advocating for the needs of their health centers and patients.  Jon is mission focused on making Alaska health centers sustainable, responsive and caregivers of choice.  Originally from Fairbanks, Jon enjoys getting out of Anchorage to his cabin in Hope, as much as possible.





Jordan Bertrand
Finance Specialist 

A lifelong Alaskan, Jordan is currently enrolled at the University of Alaska Anchorage pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences with a minor in Psychology in Pre-Health Professions. With five years of experience as a Radiologist Assistant, she began as an Administrative Support Specialist before being transferred to her current position with APCA. She is goal-driven and eager to learn more about Community Health Centers in Alaska.





Liza Root
Policy Integration Coordinator

Liza Root holds an MPH from the University of Alaska Anchorage and an undergraduate degree in English Literature and Philosophy from Bethel University in St Paul, MN. She has many interests in the public health field but some include environmental health, food security, GIS analysis for population health promotion, and advocating for sustainable, affordable, and accessible health care systems. In her spare time, she enjoys writing haikus, knitting, traveling, and spending time with family, friends, and dogs.



Marie Jackman
Special Programs Manager

Marie Jackman was raised in the Matanuska Valley and has worked for APCA since 2013.  Her previous experience includes reviewing grant applications as a contractor for HRSA, and working at the APCA in both the Training & Technical Assistance Coordinator and Health Policy Coordinator positions.  Marie brings her passion for public service to Alaska's CHCs in the hopes of helping them improve healthcare in Alaskan communities.   Outside of work, Marie enjoys hiking, kayaking, photography, and watching her two young sons learn new things every day.



Mariko L. Selle
Director, SC AHEC Sector

Mari is a former health care consultant, quality director, wellness advocate, State Primary Care Office TA, and health researcher. She is passionate about her role in advocating for Alaskan’s health by addressing the diversity and distribution of the health workforce as the Director of the SC AHEC and a member of the APCA team. Mari is a member of Anchorage East Rotary, active in her church, and loves to spend time with her young family.




Nancy Merriman
Executive Director APCA

Nancy has spent the past 24 years working in the Alaska health sector. After originally coming from Kodiak, she moved to Anchorage and worked for the Municipality of Anchorage’s Department of Health & Human Services. She moved to the Denali Commission in 2002 and managed the Health Facilities Program during the last three years of her tenure there.  In January 2013, she was appointed Executive Director of the APCA. She enjoys spending time with family, cooking, reading, and relaxing at the cabin at Flat Lake, Alaska.





Nellie Roehl
Clinical Applications Coordinator

Nellie is a lifelong Alaskan who was raised on the Aleutian Chain. Throughout her professional career she has had the opportunity to work in the tribal health system assisting in the implementation from paper record to an IHS Electronic Health Record System. She later played an instrumental role in transitioning from the IHS EHR to Cerner, which allowed the organization to be on a unified EHR system with all of the Alaska tribal health organizations. During her tenure she served as lead for accreditation and PCMH transformation. In her spare time she enjoys reading , cooking, boat rides, and spending time with family and friends.





Nyabony Gat
Student Success Coordinator, SC AHEC Sector

Nyabony has worked as a Student Success Specialist with the SC AHEC since 2015 where she manages data and has facilitated multiple Scrub Camps and pop-up camps. She is currently a Health Sciences student at the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she is pursuing her lifelong dream to become a physician serving rural and underserved communities. Ms. Gat has received numerous honors, awards, and scholarships as a student, and to top it all off, she speaks fluent Nuer!






Patty Linduska, RN
Senior Director of Training and Technical Assistance

Patty moved to Alaska in January of 1978 to work as an RN in the village of King Cove where she spent the next 20 years.  She and her husband Joe have been married for 36 years.  Their family is their passion.  Patty has worked in health care for over 40 years in a variety of capacities.    She brings her expertise in executive leadership, quality improvement, program development and grant writing to the PCA.  In her spare time, she enjoys fly fishing, gardening, cooking and reading.






Penney Benson
Practice Management Specialist

Penney has worked in health care for the past 15 years. She previously worked as the Health Director of a successful Community Health Center & Indian Health Services Clinic for either years. She has successfully revitalized operations and turned around underperforming units to achieve sustainable productivity gains and customer satisfaction.  Penney enjoys painting, photography, gardening, beach combing and of course spending time with family and friends.



Sarah Dushkin
Health Careers Training Coordinator

 Sarah Dushkin is a lifelong Alaskan who holds a national certificate in Medical Assisting from Charter College.  She worked at the Alaska Native Medical Center where she gained knowledge in both Medical Assisting and Medical Administrative Assisting.  She also worked at Eastern Aleutian Tribes where she served as the Clinical Application Coordinator and Case Manager.  Sarah is currently enrolled in the University of Alaska to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration Management with a minor in Alaska Native Business Management.  Sarah joined the APCA Apprenticeship team in December 2017 and is currently serving as the instructor for the CMAA, CCMA and CHW courses.  Sarah enjoys camping, fishing, and spending time with family and friends. 



Sevilla Love
Integration Coordinator

 Sevilla comes from an ancestry of pioneers who arrived in Alaska during the 1950’s. Sevilla has spent her 18-year Alaskan career working on the front lines of behavioral health integration, telehealth, team based care, ground breaking interagency programs and national quality improvement work.  Her experience spans from rural to urban primary care, tribal health and the AK Psychiatric Institute.  Sevilla spends her free time caring for her family.



Sharayah Foster
Quality Improvement Coordinator

Sharayah is a lifelong Alaskan who graduated with an MPH from University of Arizona. Her previous experience includes work at a FQHC where she gained experience leading Ambulatory, Behavioral Health, and PCMH accreditation/certification, compliance with HRSA’s Program Requirements, and comprehensive quality improvement activities.  Sharayah joined the APCA Training and Technical Assistance team in 2017 and currently serves as the lead for Patient Centered Medical Home. She enjoys beachcombing, camping, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.




Suzanne Niemi
Practice Management Coordinator

Suzanne has been involved in the health care industry for over 30 years and with the Community Health Center program since she moved to Alaska in 2001. She has worked for hospitals and ambulatory clinics across the country.  Suzanne has previous experience working for private non-profit, tribally operated and public entities. She has experience in grants management and compliance, finance, strategic planning, clinic operations, HRSA operational site visits, and preparing successful HRSA grant applications.




Tara Ferguson-Gould
Quality Improvement Programs Manager

Tara is a lifelong Alaskan who initially became involved in health care in the 1980’s as a first responder. Tara went on to provide patient care as a Community Health Aide/Practitioner and begin her work in Quality Improvement in an FQHC, where she spent over a decade focusing on improving patient care.  Tara began work at the APCA in 2013 and currently serves as the lead for Quality Improvement and Improving Population Health initiatives. Tara enjoys spending time with her loved ones, camping, fishing and hunting.




Teresa Novakovich
Program Assistant/ Admin Specialist SC AHEC Sector

Teresa is a long-time Alaskan, professional photographer, and former Bookkeeper and HR manager for her family-owned business. She has volunteered extensively in her community and church over the years, earning an Outstanding Volunteer Certificate of Appreciation from the Superintendent of Schools and President of the Anchorage School board. Ms. Novakovich enjoys baking, photography, and spending time with her family.



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