Supplemental Services 

In addition to the services included with organizational membership, the APCA provides numerous additional services to Community Health Centers and other healthcare providers on a fee-for-service basis.  Our current list of Supplemental Services offered includes: 
Patient Centered Medical Home Transformation and Support
PCMH Pre-Assessment Site Visits
PCMH Pre-Assessment conducted on site to determine organizational readiness for recognition or certification and development of an action plan.  Fees:
  • Organizational Members-  $1600 for up to 16 hours of staff time plus travel, lodging, and per diem for two people up to 2 nights
  • Associate Members- $2500 for up to 8 hours of staff time plus travel, lodging, and per diem for one person.  Includes on hour of individual coaching via teleconference per month for 6 months.  Upgrade to one hour of individual coaching per week for 6 months for an additional $1500
PCMH  Walk-Throughs for NCQA and The Joint Commission (TJC)
  •     Monthly Learning Sessions- Free
  •     Weekly Office Hours- Free
  •     Weekly Individual Coaching- Free to Organizational Members
  •     Six months (24 sessions) for $2400 for Associate Members
PCMH NCQA Document Review
A quality control review of your National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) documents prior to submission will check for completeness and appropriateness of documentation for must-pass elements.  Additional elements may be reviewed if indicated during the process.  APCA does not guarantee recognition at any level as a result of this review.  Fees:
  •     Organizational Members- $1000 per review
  •     Associate Members- $1500 per review
HRSA Health Center Requirements TA and Support
HRSA Operational Site Visit Assistance
HRSA Operational Site Visit Assistance is available at no cost unless the member requests APCA staff to attend via teleconference.  The CHC must invite APCA to attend the entrance and exit interviews.  APCA staff attending exit interviews will take notes which will be submitted to the member within one business day.
Operational Site Visit Mock Review
Operational Site Visit Mock Reviews are available to assess readiness, identify gaps, and develop a plan for a successful HRSA Operational Site Visit.  A flat rate is charged for staff time based on the size of the organization.  In addition, the organization will pay for travel, lodging, and per diem for up to 3 people for up to a 3 night stay.  APCA does not guarantee a formal HRSA site visit free of "unmets" or conditions as a result of this review.
NEW - Quality Improvement (QI) Coaching
Quality Improvement Assessments and Site Visits
APCA provides QI Coaching to members by helping them identify opportunities for improvement.  The site visits include APCA facilitating assessment of the CHC, as well as walking health center staff through the process of quality improvement. APCA staff also coaches health center employees on the use of various organizational assessment tools including time studies, the Model for Improvement, Plan-Do-Study-Acts (PDSAs), process mapping, and more to improve QI staff capacity within the CHC.  A flat rate will be calculated based on the number of staff required and the time spent on and off site.  The organization will also pay for travel, accommodations, and per diem for APCA staff during the site visit.  
Fee Schedule Analysis
Using the Optum Fee Analyzer, APCA provides two services for the price of one

1.) The Fee Lookup service will provide information by individual CPT code.  Includes charge amounts by percentile for your zip code, Medicare rates, and RVU values. 
2.) The Fee Schedule Analysis service will provide an analysis of your entire fee schedule (charge master) providing the information listed above in an excel spreadsheet format that you can use to update your charges. 

Note:  APCA provides the information for you to use at your discretion and will not be held responsible for setting of charge amounts at your organization.  Fees:
  •     Organizational Members- $95 for first year as an introductory offer, then $250/year
  •     Associate Members- $300 for first year as an introductory offer, then $500/year